IndyCar drivers don’t value what little sponsorship they have

Indianapolis 500-winning driver Tony Kanaan in his post-race interview last Sunday "babbled on about everything BUT his sponsors," which is notable because those in motorsports typically "realize how critical corporate sponsors are to the sport," according to Anthony Schoettle of the INDIANAPOLIS BUSINESS JOURNAL.

Anyone who has "been around motorsports for any length of time, especially the drivers themselves," know one cardinal rule — "no sponsors, no racing. It’s that simple." Schoettle: "I couldn’t believe what I was hearing at the conclusion of Sunday’s Indianapolis 500 … I was astounded how few times I heard the drivers who were standing in front of a TV audience of nearly 5 million people say almost nothing about their sponsors."

The importance of sponsors in motorsports is "why NASCAR drivers have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to mention their sponsors every five seconds." One would think Kanaan would be "acutely aware of the importance of thrusting his sponsors in the spotlight when he has the chance."

Fellow IndyCar drivers Helio Castroneves and Marco Andretti also "made zero mentions of their sponsors in post-race interviews." Just Marketing Int'l Founder & CEO Zak Brown said of the lack of mentions, "My only guess would be after a long and grueling and mentally draining race like the Indy 500 that the drivers simply had lost some focus and dropped the ball and didn't mention their sponsors. I'm sure the drivers will have that pointed out to them and they won’t make that mistake the next time around."

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