Dover Motorsports’ Denis McGlynn Discusses Camera Cable Incident

Dover Motorsports President & CEO Denis McGlynn on Friday discussed last week's camera cable incident at Charlotte Motor Speedway and looked forward to Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series FedEx 400 at Dover Int'l Speedway. McGlynn: "The first thing I thought was, 'Do we have cables that might impact the race here at Dover?' Thankfully, the answer was no." McGlynn added the "overall benefit of having that camera there overrides the negatives that can happen, and whatever they need to do to fix it to make sure it will never happen again, they'll do."

McGlynn said tickets sales for Sunday's race are "about level with last year." McGlynn: "We didn't expect much more given what we know about the economy and where our people come from and what their demographic is. To the extent that the crowd is the same, that's the new up. We'll take it for this year, but we really would like to see some growth, and I think it's just going to take some time." NASCAR Now," ESPN2