Lotus firm as Pirelli continues with old tires

(GMM) Pirelli's move to merely test rather than race its tweaked tires in Canada is almost certainly due to the refusal of some teams to agree.

The rules state that F1's sole tire supplier can only make changes on the grounds of safety or with the unanimous approval of every team.

But it emerged on Wednesday that, despite reportedly wanting to debut tweaked rear tires in Canada that are less likely to delaminate, some teams almost certainly remain opposed on sporting grounds.

The tires, featuring a kevlar rather than a steel internal belt to reduce overheating, will now only be tested in Canada, with Pirelli hoping to debut them in the subsequent British grand prix.

"We will not race tires that we have not tested first," Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez was quoted on Wednesday by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

"And we will not allow tires that change the sporting hierarchy — that would be simply unfair," he insisted.

"If there is suddenly a team winning that previously had problems with the tires, then the people at home would feel fooled and turn off the TV."

Lopez also said Lotus does not accept the changes on the grounds of safety.

"A tire that loses its tread is safer than a tire that bursts," he insisted.

"I don't see it (the safety aspect) as such a big deal — it's still all about money and politics. But the spectators are not fools.

"If we are making decisions not on the race track but in offices and committees, then one day there will be no spectators left," added Lopez.

He also said Pirelli should stand tall rather than be defensive.

"Actually, they should stand up and say 'We built a good tire, a tire that was requested, so the teams will just have to adjust and build reasonable cars'," said Lopez.

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