Video: 1995 Indianapolis 500 Finish (Updated)

UPDATE A reader writes, Dear, I saw you posted the video for the last 10 laps of the 95 race. While I don't want to sound like a drama queen, I honestly couldn't watch it, and turned it off after about 4-5 laps. The crowd, competition between tires, engine and chassis, the sound of the cars, the heartbreak of Honda, who had been laughed out of Gasoline Alley the year before, the emergence of Jacques Villeneuve, and that was just the few minutes I watched. And heck that doesn't even talk about Penske not qualifying that year.

Of course, like a Greek tragedy we all know what happens next. The Idiot Grandson hates Brazilian drivers, Honda, Penske, and road courses, believing his "grass roots wet dream," which I believe Bobby Unser called it, would be better. He commences his Reign of Error, and brings our beloved sport is brought to its knees.

Fast forward to 2013, and IndyCar is now struggling to keep its head above water with an ugly car that simply turns off most fans.

Now, I know a lot of people will tell me to stop living in the past, and get on with life. And to a certain degree, they are probably correct. Also, considering this is Indy 500 weekend, I should probably be celebrating what is good about the sport.

However, what a lot of people fail to realize is that the destruction of this sport hasn't simply ruined the present. Rather, as indicated by my reaction to that video, it has also ruined its glorious past.

And that just might be the saddest part of all. Mordichai Rosen, Los Angeles

05/23/13 Here is the last 11 laps of the finish to the last real Indy 500. Note how fast the cars were. Not an empty seat in the house. Just think, Tony George destroyed all this.

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