Pippa Mann sponsors for Indy 500


Pippa Mann

Cyclops Gear, a boutique line of recording eyewear will back British driver Pippa Mann's efforts in the upcoming Indianapolis 500. Cyclops Gear will be the title sponsor on Mann's Dale Coyne Racing entry.

"I had hoped to bring Pippa into a NASCAR program that we were looking to run earlier this year, but she was truly passionate about staying involved with the Indy 500, so I'm delighted that we've been able to put this together for the month of May," said company co-founder Alain Lord Mounir. "Cyclops Gear is a relatively new brand and I'm excited to be able to showcase our product at the Indianapolis 500. At Cyclops Gear we are driven by the need for adventure and working at the sharp end of technology, so I cannot think of a better fit than being part of the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing.'"

Mann said: "I have been trying to persuade Alain to come to the Indy 500 with me since early 2012, and this year with Cyclops Gear we finally made it happen! While I won't be using the eyewear in the car this year, it's a great opportunity to get word out about video recording eyewear and how utilizing that true eye view perspective can provide such incredible footage. It's great to be a Cyclops Gear athlete and, as the largest single-day sporting event in the world, bringing Cyclops Gear to the Indy 500 seemed a perfect fit."

The Cyclops Gear Dale Coyne Racing entry will run this month in association with Stenz Construction, Royal Spa and Bell Helmets. The sponsors on Mann's car will also support Racing For Cancer, by sponsoring a table at the Yellow Party to enable a child with cancer and their family to attend the event as VIP guests.

"I've always attended and supported the Yellow Party," said Mann, "so this year it's great to have been able to connect my associate sponsors with Racing For Cancer. It's a great opportunity to join this amazing organization in helping those afflicted with cancer and promoting early detection and prevention initiatives that support the global fight against cancer. I am extremely proud to be carrying the logo on my sleeve at this year's Indy 500.

“I'm so grateful to be working with the people and companies who have come on board for this year's big race. It has provided so many opportunities, not just for me but for the organizations I work with, and for one in particular – Glass Hammer Racing. GHR is all about working toward and striving for goals, and since becoming involved with them, I've been lucky enough to meet so many girls and young women who are following their dreams of getting into motorsport. My entry into the 2013 Indy 500 has even enabled the resident GHR photographer, a current student whose dream it is to take photos at the 500, to be our photographer for the month of May – and it is opportunities such as this one that I am incredibly thankful for."

05/07/13 Cyclops Gear, a boutique line of recording eyewear, will be the primary sponsor of the Dale Coyne Racing entry in the Indianapolis 500 for driver Pippa Mann. The Honda-powered entry will run this month in association with Stenz Construction, Royal Spa and Bell Helmets.

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