Lawyers to blame for lack of Concorde Agreement

Bernie Ecclestone says legal issues are to blame as Formula One heads into race five of the season without a Concorde Agreement.

Although Ecclestone has already signed separate commercial deals with 10 of the 11 teams – Marussia not included – the actual Concorde Agreement, the deal that governs the running of F1, has yet to be signed off.

However, it's not the teams or even Ecclestone holding up proceedings, rather the 82-year-old says it's the lawyers and their failure to see eye-to-eye.

"We are doing what we have to do with the Concorde Agreement," he told ESPNF1.

"The money side is all agreed. The financial side, for a change, is not a problem. The hold up is generally lawyers.

"They write something down and the other one says 'I don't think it should be written like that, it should be written like this.' Then the other one says 'I don't know about that.'"

The F1 supremo also gave his thoughts on the upcoming FIA presidential election for which there is only one candidate, current president Jean Todt.

Ecclestone, though, reckons he's done a good enough job to continue with it especially as the Frenchman has not interfered with F1.

"Todt will get in. He has not caused us any problems. He has been travelling a lot. He has been doing what he should do as a president, looking after all the national sporting authorities. He hasn't put his nose into Formula One which is good." Planet F1

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