So Long SUV…The Big Family Car is Back!

Auto Industry Analyst Jeff Fortson and Head of Consumer Affairs for GM James Bell talk about why Americans are falling in love with the latest full-size sedans

It's no secret that prices at the pump have soured us on gas guzzling SUVs and crossovers and people are looking to downsize to a vehicle that is more affordable and has increased fuel efficiency. And while there are alternatives, not everyone is ready to squeeze into mini hybrid or EV. For those who still want space and riding comfort, the increasingly popular choice among everyone from young professionals to families to empty nesters is the full size sedan!

According to Jeff Fortson, auto industry analyst and editor of, big cars are back and better than ever. The Chrysler 300, the Dodge Challenger, the Toyota Avalon and the Chevy Impala have all recently been redesigned or refreshed and Volkswagen and Kia are now adding full-size sedans to their lineup. These vehicles offer many of the benefits of SUVs but with improved fuel efficiency and a significantly lower total cost of ownership. In fact, with the distinctive styling, driving dynamic, riding comfort and technology, many of these models actually look, feel and drive like luxury cars.

Jeff talks about why consumers are moving away from SUVs and Minivans. He also talks about why they are choosing full-size sedans and some of the more popular models. Jeff is joined by Head of Consumer Affairs for GM James Bell who shares his industry insights on what consumers want and what they are buying. He also gives a close up look at the totally redesigned 2014 Chevy Impala and some of new technology included in the car. The Chevy Impala is an iconic family car that many Americans remember growing up in and this tenth generation model of the flagship sedan is expected to become the family car of a whole new generation.

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