Kenseth calls penalties unfair

Matt Kenseth talked to the media Thursday morning at Richmond:

What was your reaction to the penalties NASCAR announced yesterday? Do you think they were severe?

"I think the penalties are grossly unfair. I think it's borderline shameful. There's no argument the part was wrong. They weighed it and it was wrong. However, there is an argument that there certainly was no performance advantage. If you can find any unbiased, reputable, knowledgeable engine-builder and if they saw the facts, what all the rods weighed. The average weight of all the rods was well above the minimum — 2.5 (grams) above the minimum at least. There was one in there that was way heavy. There was no performance advantage, there was no intent, it was a mistake.

JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) had no control over it. Certainly to crush Joe Gibbs like that — to say they can't win an owner's championship with the 20 this year is just, I can't wrap my arms around that, it just blows me away. And the same with Jason Ratcliff (crew chief). I don't feel bad for myself at all, but for Jason and Joe, I just couldn't feel any worse. There's no more reputable, honest hard-working guys with good reputations more so than those two — I feel really bad for them."

Do you expect a positive response from the appeals process?

"I don't know. I've never been through it so I honestly don't know. That's the hope, that's why it's setup. You've seen some examples of both. I don't know. That's what the hope is, that's why it's setup. We'll just go through that and see what happens and see whatever the final verdict is — we'll have to live with that and move on." Toyota Racing PR

[Editor's Note: Welcome to NASCAR's managed racing Matt Kenseth. If you don't like it you can take up gardening.]

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