Automobile Club Of Germany Will Organize German F1 Grand Prix At Nurburgring

The Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) "will be the organizer of the F1 race at the Nurburgring," according to Dietmar Bruck of the Rhein Zeitung. The decision means the race on July 7 will be called Grand Prix of Germany. For a long time, it was unclear which automobile club, ADAC or AvD, would "be the race organizer."

There were temporary discussions "to include both automobile clubs." The AvD owns the rights to the Grand Prix of Germany name and "originally wanted a high amount for it should the race at the Nürburgring take place using this name."

If the ADAC "had been the organizer, the race would have been called Grand Prix of Europe." At the beginning of the negotiations, it became public that the ADAC, contrary to the AvD, "did not require any payments from race track operator Nürburgring Betriebsgesellschaft (NBG)."

It is unclear if this status has changed throughout the negotiations. An AvD spokesperson confirmed the agreement and said, "The contracts have been signed." Rhein Zeitung

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