Cheaters prosper – NASCAR allows cheater car to keep 2nd place

UPDATE Martin Truex Jr. faces a possible six-point penalty for the front of his car being too low following his second-place finish in the NRA 500 Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway. Crew chief Chad Johnston said the shocks on Truex's car would not rebound after the race. "We tried to pull the shaft out of the body, and it's just (stuck)," he said. "There's something going on, whether it's debris (inside) or parts and pieces of the shock." NASCAR will announce any penalties in the next few days. Being too low in tech cost Kyle Busch six points in 2011 and a $25,000 fine for his crew chief. Sporting News

04/14/13 NASCAR determined that second place finisher #56-Martin Truex, Jr's car was "too low in the front" in post race inspection. NASCAR will examine it further and address any possible penalties early in the week. In NASCAR you can cheat like hell, win the race and still keep your win by paying the fine. Why every team does not cheat to win the biggest race, the Daytona 500, is beyond us. Heck, Danica Patrick can have her name as the winner of the next 10 Daytona 500s by doing that. She may lose all her prize money to fines, but she'll be the biggest hero in the history of the sport with 10 straight Daytona 500 wins.

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