Lotus Likes Pirelli rubber

James Allison

James Allison says Lotus do not want Pirelli to alter their tires, but then they would say that as the E21 "tends to prosper" of the soft rubber.

This season Pirelli introduced new rubber for their Formula One tires, opting for a more aggressive approach resulting in tires that suffer from high degradation.

Some teams feel Pirelli have gone too far with reports claiming that Red Bull want the Italian manufacturer to revert to last year's tires.

Lotus, though, are quite happy with what the teams are using this season.

"Not really," Allison said when asked if this year's tires were 'too big a step from those' of last season.

"They're just one step softer all round than last year and the new construction makes it harder to access the rubber on the inner corner of the tire.

"In other words, the available rubber is reduced as it's very tricky to get the entire width of the tire in contact with the road.

"Certain teams are keen for a switch back to last year's rubber, but teams will always push for what's in their best interest.

"We feel the current tires makes for entertaining racing, but then we would say that as our car tends to prosper when the tires are tender." Planet F1

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