Another opportunity lost

Check out the TV. Bad college hoops games on ESPN, MLS Soccer on NBC Sports. Why not a nice warm weather IndyCar venue in front of a TV starved audience? Brian Carroccio

Dear Brian, But that would make too much sense. IndyCar prefers to let NASCAR garner the big TV ratings. As said here on for years, the IndyCar season needs to start in late January and end by Labor Day on the Indy Motor Speedway road course under the lights. The biggest race of the year will always be the Indy 500, and the 2nd biggest IndyCar race should and would be the season finale also at the Speedway. Instead they prefer to run their season finale on the Fontana oval in front empty grandstands. What a negative 'loser' image that projects. And anyone who thinks a properly promoted race on the Indy road course under the lights as the season finale would not draw at least 100,000 hasn't a clue. And yes the road course can easily be made less Mickey Mouse and use more of the oval. Mark C.

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