Busch mom in golf kart accident

UPDATE Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies stated that the "golf cart had too many people on it , causing it to roll over." They also have clarified that "no one was significantly injured" in the crash.

03/03/13 Gaye Busch, the mother of Kurt and Kyle, was injured near the end of the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Phoenix International Raceway. Mrs. Busch was one who was being treated for injuries in a crash in the tunnel.

Details are still unknown as to how the accident happened just prior to Kyle Busch taking the Nationwide series win on the tri-oval. The first clue that something was amiss was when Kurt Busch sent a tweet to apologize to his younger brother: "Congrats to my little bro @KyleBusch 4 putting the @MonsterEnergy car in victory lane. Sorry I couldn't be there- mom too" which makes one wonder if Kurt was in the golf cart also.

The first report indicated that seven people were injured; later that was changed to five in total. No reason has been given to how the crash took place at this time.

From his tweets Gaye Busch was not seriously injured, "Don't get in any moving vehicle w/ my mom. She was involved in a crash in the tunnel b4 the end of the race," Kurt Busch He added that maybe they need to get her a special helmet since he indicated that over the past six months his mom has been in several accidents — none her fault.

He was obviously concerned, and thanked everyone who posted on his twitter account by stating, "Thanks for all of the genuine nice thoughts & prayers for my mom. She will be ok, just a little banged up."

Gaye Busch is fine but the condition of the other four who were involved are still unknown. Per the local news station Channel 12: "There may be one serious injury."

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