Showtime Not Renewing “Inside NASCAR” After Three Seasons

Showtime has opted not to renew its deal for “Inside NASCAR," bringing an end to the show’s three-year run on the premium cable channel. NASCAR, which produces the show, has begun searching for a new partner. The studio-based show resembles Showtime’s “Inside the NFL" with behind-the-scenes footage and high-quality features. Showtime did not respond to requests for comment.

The channel promoted the show heavily, even buying a race entitlement in '10 and '11 for the Showtime Southern 500, but NASCAR Managing Dir of Productions & Programming Tally Hair said Showtime decided to discontinue the show because its programming strategy changed. Hair: “We’re very proud of the show and believe in the franchise. We believe there is a home for it with the right partner."

Hair added that NASCAR will speak with other premium pay channels like HBO and also will explore partnerships with more traditional cable channels. He added, “We want to build a huge and great partnership with a partner who can really promote the show. It’s all about reaching the fans." He said it will continue to be a premium show with high-end production and a format that offers exclusive behind-the-scenes content and features.

Hair said, “The show really hit its stride in ‘12 from a flow standpoint and talent standpoint. We think it’s a great benchmark. We’ll look at it and say, ‘How can we improve this? Is there a way to reach a younger fan base?’ We’re constantly looking at that stuff. The partner, whoever we go with, is going to dictate that as well." SportsBusiness Daily

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