Hamlin wrecks in test at Charlotte, concerned about 100% throttle racing

Denny Hamlin’s test session ended after just 40 minutes Wednesday and he left Charlotte Motor Speedway with a bit of a limp after a crash while testing NASCAR’s new Sprint Cup car.

Hamlin wrecked between Turns 1 and 2, crushing the right front of his car during the final day of a two-day open test session at the 1.5-mile track. Hamlin bruised his knee but was not seriously injured.

Hamlin said his Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota was an old chassis from early 2012 that had been fitted with a new fiberglass body.

“It definitely gave up something going into the corner and just went straight," Hamlin said. “I think it was either a spindle or a component that goes to the spindle like an upper control arm that actually snapped.

“We’re running around here not letting off (i.e. 100% throttle no talent required racing, Dale Jr. says he loves new car). The load is very, very high. So everything is under a little more stress. This is an old, old recycled car, too. There’s no telling how many miles these parts have on them."

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