Adam Parr Says F1’s ‘Unequal’ Revenue Split Needs EU Probe

Former Williams team Chair ADAM PARR said that the "European Commission should examine terms F1 has promised top-ranked teams Ferrari and Red Bull to see if the payments are anti-competitive," according to Alex Duff of Bloomberg.

Parr said, "There’s a strong case that an unequal division of power and money to a subset of teams is unlawful." He is not convinced F1 "is organized with the right principles of fair competition." Parr, a former lawyer, first made such comments in a comic book called “The Art of War," which was published Nov. 29 and is about his five years in Formula One. He said he quit Williams because "rightly or wrongly" he felt that F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone "was withholding an offer of new terms to the nine-time champion while he was managing its affairs."

Parr said that "teams are unwilling to complain to the 27-nation European Union’s exec arm about preferential treatment" because they are "highly dependent on goodwill" from the commercial rights holder. Bloomberg

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