IndyCar: Interim CEO Jeff Belskus ‘is the man right now’

There should be no confusion about plans for IndyCar leadership after Mark Miles, the new CEO of Hulman & Company, meets with many of the sport’s constituencies today during a series of get-togethers as part of the 2012 celebration at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Interim CEO Jeff Belskus won’t keep the job, and Miles said he won’t take it.

“With Randy (Bernard's) departure we welcome and are appreciative of Jeff’s willingness to step in as interim IndyCar CEO, but that is an interim situation," said Miles, who officially starts his new job Dec. 17. “He is the man right now who is going to make the decisions that are necessary to be made going into the 2013 season.

“It should be clear that he has the authority and the responsibility, but we don’t think that’s the long-term situation. So, we’ll be looking for a leadership change deliberately."

There is currently no list of possible candidates, Miles said.

“We’re just beginning to begin to think about it," he said. “It starts with a very clear understanding of what we have to get done and what attributes we need.

“I do think it has to be somebody who really understands racing."

Belskus is also the IMS CEO, a position he will keep. Miles is the former head of Indianapolis’ Super Bowl committee. For 15 years he led the Association of Tennis. Indy Star

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