FIA announces WEC changes

In 2014 new LMP1 technical regulations will come into force. Strict equivalence between diesel and petrol engines will be applied and monitored. Petrol and diesel fuels with more bio-content have been decided.

From 2013, a limitation on the number of permitted engines for the LMP2 category and tires for LMP2 and GTE Am will be imposed in order to help reduce costs.

The format of qualifying has been amended to make it more attractive for spectators and media. From 2013, two drivers must establish two lap times each and the average of the four lap times will be the reference time for establishing the starting grid. Warm-up has been cancelled, except specifically where required by some events.

Other changes to sporting or technical regulations concern clarifications, or address cost or safety issues.

The date for the Brazilian event in Sao Paulo has been changed to 1 September 2013.

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