Kubica: I still can’t drive single seaters

Robert Kubica has admitted that he cannot currently test single seater racing cars, with his right arm still yet to fully recover after a heavy rally accident early in 2011. The Polish driver is uncertain as to whether he will ever be able to return to Formula 1 and has set his immediate sights on getting back to full health.

"For the future I don't have any plan, I'm still at the stage of rehabilitation," said Kubica. "I would love to compete in a high level championship, either rallying or on a circuit. I did some testing in high performance cars on a racetrack. I hope my hand and general condition will improve, then we'll see what the future will bring."

Kubica, who will turn 28 next month, says the condition of his arm is still causing problems with rotation inside a small single seater cockpit.

"I have a few limitations," Kubica went on to explain of his current situation. "I have driven some high performance cars and that hasn't limited me at this stage, but I have a big limitation of my arm which doesn't allow me to test single seaters.

"Unfortunately at the moment I can't do anything, so for now I drive cars with a roof. For a while now I have stopped with F1, so my contacts are very limited. I'm concentrating on coming back and getting my health and body back in the best condition."

Kubica marked his motorsport return with a popular victory back in September, triumphing at the wheel of a Subaru Impreza in the Ronde Gomotilo di Lana rally.

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