RTL Obtains Season-High Ratings For Its F1 Grand Prix Of Abu Dhabi Broadcast

German private TV channel RTL "obtained season-high ratings for its broadcast of Sunday's F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi," according to Alexander Krei of DWDL.de. A total of 7.18 million viewers tuned in on Sunday afternoon to watch Kimi Raikkonen celebrate his first F1 victory since '09. This number equals a 38.8% market share. In the target group, RTL's F1 broadcast "was the most-watched program of the day." The race attracted an average 2.76 million viewers or a 36.1% share. DWDL.de

SPAIN: HOYCINEMA.com reported that Antena 3's broadcast of the almost two-hour race was watched by an average audience of 6.647 million viewers and "an extraordinary" 44.3% market share. The market share numbers show an increase of 17.1 points from the '11 numbers for the same race, which was televised by La Sexta. HOYCINEMA.com

FRANCE: NOUVELOBS.com reported that TF1's broadcast of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi "registered its best audience of the season" with 3.8 million viewers and a 25% share. The peak audience even reached 4.7 million. NOUVELOBS.com

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