Brawn: Hamilton’s management contacted us

Mercedes Team Principal Ross Brawn has revealed that Lewis Hamilton’s management company, XIX Entertainment, initiated negotiations with his team. Following a period of intense discussions, the 2008 Champion ultimately decided to make the switch, signaling an end to his six-year Formula 1 spell at McLaren.

"Lewis's management expressed interest, wanted to know what our plans were and it grew from there," Brawn explained to BBC Sport. "Everyone knew Lewis's contract was coming to an end this year, so things really developed from that point."

"Once we were able to explain what we were trying to achieve here, what our ambitions were and the things we were putting in place, I think it was the type of thing Lewis needed, or wanted, at this stage of his career."

Brawn went on to categorically deny that Hamilton has requested the lead role in the team, with the Briton and future team-mate Nico Rosberg set to enjoy equal treatment.

"There isn't a number one status," he added. "To be clear, Lewis never mentioned that in all the discussions we had. He wanted to make sure that he had parity, that there was equality in what was done, but he never ever asked for number one status.

"We wouldn't be keen to give that to a driver because it tends to say you're not looking after the other driver as well as you should."

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