Gibbs looking to extend Busch’s contract

Kyle Busch

Next season is expected to produce a top crop of free agents in the Sprint Cup market – but if Joe Gibbs Racing has its way, #18-Kyle Busch's name will never reach the rumor mill. Principals at Gibbs Racing are working diligently to renew Busch's contract before it expires next season. According to sources, Gibbs approached Busch on an extension in the last couple of months and hopes to retain one of NASCAR's top talents. "They typically do (contracts before the expiration date)," Busch said.

"They've brought it up to my attention. I just kind of put it off to, 'Let's get through, let's see what happens in the Chase.' Since we missed that, it's kind of like, now they want to re-talk about it. I'm like, let's just wait until the end of the year. There's no sense in causing a distraction." Fox Sports

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