Shelby Sued

Usually Shelby headlines are followed by Shelby suing someone, but here's one where the someone is suing Shelby American.

Stephen Becker has been an authorized Shelby dealer since 2007, having sold and delivered 49 cars between 2007 and 2010, according to the suit. Becker has sold various Shelby cars for many years before that and says he has known Shelby since 1977.

Last year, the suit says, Shelby Automobiles, Inc. changed vendors for the car bodies from a Mexican supplier to one in South Africa, raised prices on the cars and failed to deliver cars that were ordered.

“As of July 2012 plaintiff still had not received 10 or 12 Cobras… it had ordered and four of five Anniversary Cars it had ordered 20 months earlier and which SAI (Shelby Automobiles, Inc.) had promised to deliver no later than December 2011…" the suit alleges.

It also says Shelby American told Becker that none of those cars ordered were ready to be shipped and that there was no shipping date set for them.

Further, Becker's suit claims Shelby American is taking retaliatory measures because Becker challenged the price increase and that Shelby American is planning to resell Becker's vehicles to other buyers at the increased price. AutoWeek

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