Michael Andretti answers your questions

Michael Andretti

IndyCar team owner Michael Andretti took to Twitter on Sunday for an impromptu question and answer session of a plethora of fan and media questions about the team's offseason plans and his own promotional outlook on the Andretti Sports Marketing side. His answers provide some interesting insight:

I hear Penske Racing has a cool Museum in Phoenix?
I heard the guy that runs it is a crazy man

Most embarrassing moment? Hitting safety truck?
LOL.? Did not see the yellow flag

What was the most challenging part of being Senna's teammate?
He was so good

If you change Marcos # any chance of getting the 6 from Jay?
I hated that number

I thought Sonoma was off the schedule, unless I heard wrong…?
I think it is on the schedule

Any chance of Marco doing a one off for USGP? Or move to say STR in 2013?

Any chance you'll allow @Hinchtown to be the next #IndyCar rep at Dancing With The Stars?
I would love it!

What was your favorite accomplishment in your racing career?
All my wins

Any celebrity apprentice friends make it to an IndyCar race this yr? If so, who?
Clay and Aubrey

Zanardi back for Indy good idea in your opinion?
Would love to see it

Did living in the USA, rather than Europe, affect your 1993 #F1 season!?
Not at all!

Who has been your favorite teammate?
My dad

Will there ever be an IndyCar race in Europe in your opinion?
I doubt it.

How much fun was it having PT as a teammate ??
It was interesting.

Laguna Seca would bar nice!!!!?
Won't happen with Sonoma on the schedule.

Would love to see Elkhart on 2013 schedule!?
Would love to see it!

Are you keen for @MarcoAndretti to make the switch to #F1!?
Would have to be right with a good team

Any chance of Indy car coming to Pocono? Yes good chance

What gets drank more at the shop. @SunDrop or @RCCola ?
About even, we love both and all @DPSG products!

Putting Elkhart back on the schedule any chance both I'm 2013?
I support it, contrary to what was said

You should buy Nazareth, upgrade it, get a race there. I loved that track?
That’s not happening

PLEASE come back to Phoenix! Great racing town!?
Love Phoenix

Do u think Alex Zanardi will drive #Indy500 like Ganassi promised him 4 getting gold?
Not sure, it would be gr8

Will you guys run No. 1 for champion @RyanHunterReay in 2013?
Not sure yet.

Appreciate your support of the ladder series. How do we talk other #IndyCar owners getting involved?
I tried

Will we see body kits next year?

What oval race, after @MKE_IndyFest , would you consider promoting?
Not sure

What was it like working with Senna?
He was a gr8 person

Who's the driver you admire the most?
Dad and Senna

What are your thoughts on the Indy road course??
Against tradition

Hey Mike, already thinking about next season, or taking it easy for the moment?
Flat out on next year!

Go to the @MKE_IndyFest!!!!! 😀 So awesome, hope to go back next year!?
We will be there!

Let's go back to tradition rhr in the numero uno!?
Thinking about it

Do you think Baltimore will be back!? I had a blast there this year!?
Hope so

Congratulations on your amazing season! If you wrote your autobiography, what would the title be?
Not sure

Ok then…what do u promote close to Indy and I will make a weekend out of it??

Now if we could just get the #NHL straightened out so we can watch some #Flyers hockey!?
Not looking good

Would you think an @IndyCar race at @poconoraceway would be a good or a bad idea?
Good idea!

Does winning the championship grant car numbers 1-4 if you wish?
Only no. 1

How many races do you think will be on schedule next year? What races added or taking away?
Not sure

You need to give @RyannRoseAnne a raise. She makes working with your team so easy PR related!
She is gr8!

Mike, are you a Dolphin fan?

Do u promote GP of St Pete?
No GreenSavoree promotes it

If you got the chance to give Michael Schumacher a drive would you consider it?
I would look at it

Thanks for answering question. I appreciate all u do to make @IndyCar better.
I love @IndyCar

What is sweeter, winning a championship as a driver or as an owner?
Both gr8 in there own way

Congratulations on a great season and giving "110%"?
Thank U

Are there going to be any changes made to Marco's team?
Not sure yet

Favorite NFL team?
Steelers, since I was ten yrs old.

Congratulations on the championship top man.?
Thank U!

Is there any chance of racing again at Disney World Speedway? Do u know why it stopped?
Problem with noise

I forgot Andretti wasn't involved in Edmonton. But I see Octane may take it over in Toronto?
I doubt it

Any chance on Kentucky Motor Speedway? Would love to see u promote that one!!?
ISC (really SMI) promotes it

Any chance of you visiting your family's winery in Napa.
Was there for Sonoma race.

Is there a chance that Ana will drive a few races next year again like this year?
Hopefully more then a few

How do you take your coffee? :)?
Cream and truvia

What's an ideal race schedule (#ovals, road,etc).?
3 big ovals 1 med 3 sm, 8 street & 5 rc

Why change @MarcoAndretti #???
It's been bad luck. LOL

Any chance we'll see @FollowAndretti in the combined ALMS/Grand Am?
Working on it.

What numbers would you change your cars to?
Not sure yet

Richmond was always a great race . Definitely want a race there again!?
Ok with me

Do you have another concert planned for @MKE_Indyfest?
Not sure yet

What were your top three tracks to race on?
Milwaukee Elkhart Lake and Spa

Marco isn't changing his number is he? Hope not love the 26!!! :)?
We might change it.

Are you going to try to promote more races in 2013.
Working on a couple more.

Any chance of special race weekend travel package to Toronto for IndyCar Fans?
Don't know we don't promote it

Always great to c answering questions! U rock Michael! What r chances of 4th FT entry 4 2013?
Working on it

Any chance on removing air box for better looking IndyCar?
No I doubt it

Will RHR use the No. 1 next season or do you want to stay in sequence?
Not sure yet. I would like no. 1

Congratulations on the great achievement! Can't wait for the new season :)?
Thank U. I also can't wait!

Do you ever do signing in the Lehigh valley.?
I'm sure some day I will.

Congratulations for becoming IRL champion with Ryan Hunter-Reay!
Thank You

I'm a pretty serious fan and I've all but given up trying to watch.?
Sorry 2 hear that.

How's it looking for a race at Pocono next season? Congrats on a great title winning season!?
Thx Looking good

IndyCar @MISpeedway #1 on my wish list followed by PIR, Cleveland & Chicagoland?
All good 1's

Who should I call to see if your organization needs any hauler drivers?
Kyle Moyer our GM

Mine me ask you move from that area. Cause Marco lives there.?
Our race shop is in Indy so I live there now

Any Canadian TV contract plans that give me any hope for next year?
I heard there was a better 1 coming.

Ft. Laud would be awesome but worry it will hurt attendance at St Pete.
2 diff markets.

What do you think the chances are of an @IndyCar return to @MISpeedway sometime soon?
Not sure

If we're gonna race at airport it should be Cleveland, awesome races there.
That would be gr8.

Do you think you could open the Nazareth speedway.?
ISC owns the track. I don't think it will ever be saved

Let's make Fort Lauderdale happen. We need IndyCar down here. Miss it badly.?
Working on it.

Any chance you take over Edmonton Indy now that its cancelled?
No I don't see that happening.

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