Lapped 30 times

A reader writes, Dear, I see where the new IndyCar lapped Fontana today at 214 mph. This compares to the Champ Car record of 241 mph set by Gil de Ferran. That is 27 mph slower than a Champ Car. By my calculations after 2 hours of racing at Fontana Saturday night the Champ Car will have lapped the IndyCars 27 times. By the end of the 500 mile race the Champ Car, despite towing the Hanford Device around, would have put the top IndyCar 30 laps down. Without the Hanford Device wing? I estimate the Champ Car would lap the Indy Car 50 times in 500 miles. DeFerran was hitting 260 mph that day on the backstraight. At that speed he would blow past today's IndyCars so fast he would suck the decals off them. Oh how I long for the days of real men in real racing cars. Jeff Dennis

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