Video: Alex Zanardi winning gold in London 2012 Paralympic Games

UPDATE Alex Zanardi interview after winning Olympic Gold at Brands Hatch: "If what I do pleases people and makes them smile I will say 'thank you' and lift my cap. But I do what I do for Alex Zanardi. You can find good things every day. Every day can be a new opportunity to add something to your life. Winning the gold may be my best achievement – or most satisfying – and I laugh when I think of having grandchildren sitting on my legs, what's left of them anyway, and saying, 'Grandad went to London and won an Olympic gold medal'."

09/07/12 Alex Zanardi, former F1 racer wins gold in H4 hand cycling, Jonas Jacobsson of Sweden wins gold in shooing. Italy's Assunta Legnant wins shot put gold, Oliver Hynd beat his older brother Sam in the pool. Iran's Siamand Rahman lifted 280kg in powerlifting and the Dutch Sonar team won gold in sailing.

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