Cars flying through air in Baltimore

UPDATE #2 Drivers are out of their cars and have gone into a meeting room to talk with officials about what to do. We would be surprised if they run anymore this session. Drivers were talking about it hurting their backs when they are landing over the bumps and it's going to break half shafts if something isn't done. Talk now is possible paving the bumps, grinding or reinstalling the chicane. Paving seems to be the best scenario but could not be done until tonight.

08/31/12 Crews are increasing the ground clearance and softening the suspension of the cars to compensate. Track went green again but will go red in 5 min. to seek driver feedback on whether they can race.

08/31/12 The Indy Cars took to the track Friday morning here in Baltimore and on the slow out lap cars were already getting all four wheels off the ground on Pratt Street. We watched Simon Pagenaud launch nose high through the air after hitting the uneven pavement of one of the cross streets. Charlie Kimball also ended up against a barrier The track has gone red as officials figure out what to do. More later…… — Mark C., reporting from BALTIMORE!!

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