Ferrari and McLaren drop on annual Forbes list

Ferrari and McLaren have both dropped places on the most recent Forbes list, falling from 13th and 36th to 15th and 40th respectively. Compiled on an annual basis, the rankings produce an estimation of the world's richest sports teams.

Ferrari, owned by the FIAT group, saw a 3% increase in overall value to 1.1 billion dollars (703.3 million pounds), but fell slightly in relation to its closest sporting rivals. Extended agreements with Marlboro and Santander have helped the team's cause, with the latter bringing in a predicted total of 52 million dollars (33.2 million pounds) per year.

McLaren, dropping four places in the order, is now worth an estimated 800 million dollars (511.5 million pounds). This marks a 2% drop in the outfit's total value, despite large and continuing sponsorship deals with Vodafone and Santander.

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