HVM Racing Expands Lola Restoration Operations

HVM Racing owner, Keith Wiggins, today confirmed plans to expand the team's restoration operations for existing Lola car owners.

Wiggins helped get Lola back on its feet in 1998 and served as President of Lola Cars International Inc. in the US and director of marketing at Lola in the UK, as well as being a customer of the marque for many years in Europe and the US. The team already holds a large stock of Lola inventory and plans to use their connections to increase the available services the team offers to owners of Lola cars, past and present.

During the winter period, the team will also prepare three Lola ChampCar chassis with engines for demonstration and marketing events.

The HVM Racing facility, located in Indianapolis, has offered services that include selling existing parts, fabrication, and complete restoration services and plans to expand to meet a niche demand. Lola Cars went in to Administration in May of this year.

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