Robin Frijns secures Moscow Formula Renault 3.5 pole

Robin Frijns takes pole

The drivers in the Formula Renault 3.5 series were first out on the Moscow Raceway this morning in blazing sunshine.

The session got off to a flying start as Sam Bird, Nico Muller and Jules Bianchi swapped first place, and then Robin Frijns and Carlos Huertas upped the pace just before the red flag was hung out. At that moment Frijns was quickest with a time of 1m 25.661s in front of Huertas, Bird, Arthur Pic and Antonio Felix da Costa.

When the session restarted Frijns went even faster with a lap in 1m 25.103s, and led Marco Sorensen and Pic when the drivers came in to put on fresh rubber.

Moscow Raceway's debut

Bird was the first to improve and took provisional pole in 1m 24.918s, but the current championship leader’s joy was of short duration as first Pic and then Frijns went quicker with the Dutchman topping the time sheets in 1m 24.047s.

He went even quicker on his final flyer with a time of 1m 24.031s, and Marco Sorensen had just snatched second place from Bianchi when the session was stopped for good after Nicolay Martsenko’s shunt. It was Frijns’ second pole of the season just before he got into an F1 car for the first time in his career.

Robin Frijns: Since yesterday we knew we had a quick car and we confirmed that this morning. I was in the groove immediately. Before the race I’m going to do a few laps of the track in the Red Bull RB6, and I’m just going to enjoy myself during this demonstration as I have to remain concentrated on the Formula Renault 3.5 Series race."

Jules Bianchi describes his car's handling to his engineer

Marco Sorensen: “We’ve been quick since the start of the weekend. Starting from the front row is a good thing. I’ll have to take a few risks to overtake at the green lights and then wait as tire wear is going to play a capital role in the outcome of the race."

Jules Bianchi: “I was held up on several occasions and that’s a pain in the neck. Finally, third quickest isn’t too bad. It’ll be a long race and consistency will be very important as you can’t relax here for a moment."

Pole Results


Driver Team Time Behind
1. Robin Frijns Fortec 1m24.031s +0.000s
2. Marco Sorensen Lotus 1m24.083s +0.052s
3. Jules Bianchi Tech 1 1m24.188s +0.157s
4. Arthur Pic DAMS 1m24.192s +0.161s
5. Sam Bird ISR 1m24.214s +0.183s
6. Nico Muller Draco 1m24.312s +0.281s
7. Antonio Felix da Costa Arden Caterham 1m24.535s +0.504s
8. Jake Rosenzweig ISR 1m24.738s +0.707s
9. Kevin Korjus Tech 1 1m24.771s +0.740s
10. Lucas Foresti DAMS 1m24.810s +0.779s
11. Alexander Rossi Arden Caterham 1m24.823s +0.792s
12. Carlos Huertas Fortec 1m24.982s +0.951s
13. Kevin Magnussen Carlin 1m25.111s +1.080s
14. Daniil Move P1 1m25.240s +1.209s
15. Andre Negrao Draco 1m25.404s +1.373s
16. Walter Grubmuller P1 1m25.416s +1.385s
17. Cesar Ramos Lotus 1m25.566s +1.535s
18. Zoel Amberg Pons 1m25.734s +1.703s
19. Nick Yelloly Comtec 1m25.780s +1.749s
20. Vittorio Ghirelli Comtec 1m25.844s +1.813s
21. Yann Cunha Pons 1m25.966s +1.935s
22. Mikhail Aleshin RFR 1m26.022s +1.991s
23. Sergey Sirotkin BVM Target 1m26.076s +2.045s
24. Anton Nebylitskiy RFR 1m26.443s +2.412s
25. Will Stevens Carlin 1m26.710s +2.679s
26. Nikolay Martsenko BVM Target 1m26.772s +2.741s

Practice 1 Times

Pos Driver Team Time Behind
1. Sam Bird ISR 1m25.910s +0.000s
2. Marco Sorensen Lotus 1m26.117s +0.207s
3. Nico Muller Draco 1m26.261s +0.351s
4. Arthur Pic DAMS 1m26.645s +0.735s
5. Robin Frijns Fortec 1m26.724s +0.814s
6. Andre Negrao Draco 1m26.838s +0.928s
7. Kevin Magnussen Carlin 1m27.123s +1.213s
8. Cesar Ramos Lotus 1m27.124s +1.214s
9. Mikhail Aleshin RFR 1m27.307s +1.397s
10. Carlos Huertas Fortec 1m27.346s +1.436s
11. Alexander Rossi Arden Caterham 1m27.370s +1.460s
12. Nick Yelloly Comtec 1m27.496s +1.586s
13. Antonto Felix da Costa Arden Caterham 1m27.545s +1.635s
14. Jake Rosenzweig ISR 1m27.606s +1.696s
15. Walter Grubmuller P1 1m27.678s +1.768s
16. Jules Bianchi Tech 1 1m27.685s +1.775s
17. Lucas Foresti DAMS 1m27.749s +1.839s
18. Yann Cunha Pons 1m27.992s +2.082s
19. Kevin Korjus Tech 1 1m28.050s +2.140s
20. Vittorio Ghirelli Comtec 1m28.074s +2.164s
21. Will Stevens Carlin 1m28.350s +2.440s
22. Anton Nebylitskiy RFR 1m28.541s +2.631s
23. Sergey Sirotkin BVM Traget 1m28.611s +2.701s
24. Zoel Amberg Pons 1m28.723s +2.813s
25. Daniil Move P1 1m28.806s +2.896s
26. Nikolay Martsenko BVM Target 1m28.927s +3.017s

Practice 2 Times


Driver Team Time Behind Laps
1. Sam Bird ISR 1m23.675s +0.000s 26
2. Marco Sorensen Lotus 1m24.111s +0.436 33
3. Robin Frijns Fortec Motorsports 1m24.134s +0.459 29
4. Arthur Pic DAMS 1m24.433s +0.758 25
5. Jules Bianchi Tech 1 Racing 1m24.441s +0.766 24
6. Nico Müller Draco 1m24.582s +0.907 26
7. Kevin Magnussen Carlin 1m24.646s +0.971 24
8. Jake Rosenzweig ISR 1m24.649s +0.974 27
9. César Ramos Lotus 1m24.689s +1.014 28
10. A.F.da Costa Arden Caterham 1m24.839s +1.164 29
11. Nick Yelloly Comtec Racing 1m24.936s +1.261 31
12. Kevin Korjus Tech 1 Racing 1m25.273s +1.598 32
13. Zoel Amberg Pons Racing 1m25.299s +1.624 31
14. Alexander Rossi Arden Caterham 1m25.304s +1.629 23
15. Carlos Huertas Fortec Motorsports 1m25.567s +1.892 20
16. Lucas Foresti DAMS 1m25.857s +2.182 26
17. Yann Cunha Pons Racing 1m25.880s +2.205 18
18. Andre Negrao Draco 1m25.912s +2.237 18
19. N.Martsenko BVM Target 1m26.238s +2.563 28
20. W.Grubmüller P1 Motorsport 1m26.289s +2.614 20
21. Will Stevens Carlin 1m26.309s +2.634 27
22. V.Ghirelli Comtec Racing 1m26.540s +2.865 25
23. Sergey Sirotkin BVM Target 1m26.765s +3.090 13
24. Mikhail Aleshin Team RFR 1m27.327s +3.652 22
25. Daniil Move P1 Motorsport 1m27.536s +3.861 15
26. A.Nebylitskiy Team RFR 1m27.622s +3.947 23

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