Haug: Affordable V6s not impossible

Mercedes Motorsport chief Norbert Haug believes that F1 can move to 'greener' V6 turbo engines at a reasonable cost if the plan is phased in.

From 2014, teams will be expected to make use of the V6 engines and there are fears that the V6 will cost almost double what the current engines cost to produce. If this is the case, smaller teams may find it no longer financially viable to take part in the sport.

However, Haug feels that if the plan to use V6s is phased in over a five-year period than the problem will not be so great.

"It's a bit premature to give a figure," Haug is quoted as saying by grandprix.com. "But we should realise where we are coming from. The engines cost twice as much 10 years ago as they do right now and that's due to the hard work of the manufacturers in the first place. It's absolutely clear that if you introduce a new engine it will cost more in the beginning.

"What we should do is consider a five-year period where the target is close to current spending levels and I think that's achievable."

Haug's comments come at a time when doubts remain whether V6s will indeed be introduced in 2014. They were initially meant to come into play next year but the move was pushed out by a further season and it is possible that move could be further delayed. Planet F1

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