IndyCar website said Danica Patrick won Indy 500

A reader writes, Dear, This is simply embarrassing:

Of course, just this moment I went to the "stats" page at (looking for the lap chart for the Indy 500) and all they had for the Indy 500 were results through "Practice 3" (from May 14th).

Details count. If they cannot master the most elementary, basic functions of running a sanctioning organization, how do they expect to run a successful race in China? Is there a Chinese driver in the series like Ho-Pin Tung? Are IndyCar races broadcast on TV in China ahead of the Qingdao race? Are tickets for sale yet? Do the Chinese people even know there is going to be a race there in August? If they cannot run their own website, how on earth do they expect to have success in a place like China?

You may try to take credit for the great Indy 500 we saw yesterday, but that would be outlandishly arrogant. Fortunately, the people actually running the racing operations for IndyCar now take pride in their work. If they took their cues from management, where mediocrity masquerades as `excellence,' the Indy 500 would have been a disaster. Mordichai Rosen, LA California

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