GP2 Monaco Qualifying Session twist revealed

For the first time in GP2 Series' history, the qualifying session in Monaco will be divided into two groups.

Following a ballot which took place today, it has been decided that Group A will be even numbers whilst Group B will be odd numbers.

Group A will thus take part in the first part 14 minutes of Thursday's qualifying session, and Group B will follow.

Group A
02. Josef Kral
04. Felipe Nasr
06. Nathanael Berthon
08. Jolyon Palmer
10. Esteban Gutiérrez
12. Giedo van der Garde
14. Stefano Coletti
16. Stéphane Richelmi
18. Fabrizio Crestani
20. Ricardo Teixeira
22. Simon Trummer
24. Victor Guerin
26. Max Chilton

Group B
01. Johnny Cecotto
03. Davide Valsecchi
05. Fabio Leimer
07. Marcus Ericsson
09. James Calado
11. Rodolfo Gonzalez
15. Fabio Onidi
17. Julian Leal
19. Giancarlo Serenelli
21. Tom Dillmann
23. Luiz Razia
25. Nigel Melker
27. Rio Haryanto

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