Several changes made around Monaco circuit

A number of small modifications have been made on the grounds of safety ahead of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. The largest is the leveling out of the dramatic bump in the braking zone of the Nouvelle Chicane, scene of large accidents for both Nico Rosberg and Sergio Pérez across the 2011 race weekend.

As well as rectifying the gradient change in the braking zone, the barrier of the chicane is now further back; organizers have been able to do this by removing the crane which was situated behind the Armco, which itself is now 15 meters further back.

Nico Rosberg drives Mika Häkkinen around the streets. Other changes are the installation of TecPro barriers – made of special absorbing foam – to replace tire walls at first corner Sainte Devote and the entrance of the Swimming Pool Complex. To help slow out-of-control cars, a new abrasive surface has been laid at in the run-off areas of Sainte Devote, Mirabeau and the chicane.

As was the case last year, DRS is banned in the tunnel for the majority of the weekend in order to decrease the chances of crashing. Not actually passing the FIA’s modern-day safety guide, Monte Carlo is seen as an exception for historical reasons.

Finally, the removal of one wooden planter on the right-hand side – previously guarded by an extra piece of barrier – now allows the drivers to adopt a straighter line when negotiating the pit lane exit.

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