Lotus HVM Racing Announces Nuclear Energy Institute Sponsorship

Lotus HVM Racing and the Nuclear Clean Air Energy sponsor group are announcing today that the Nuclear Energy Institute has joined the educational campaign that utilizes IZOD IndyCar driver Simona De Silvestro effective immediately.

"The nuclear industry and IndyCar racing have much in common as they deal with highly sophisticated technologies for which safety is the highest priority. There is a natural synergy to both industries that lends itself to our partnership to promote awareness of the benefits of nuclear industry," said Scott Peterson, NEI senior vice president of communications.

"Both industries understand that it takes a team approach with each member checking and rechecking operating systems of the nuclear plant and an Indy car to make sure they're working at peak efficiency and reliability. Neither industry rests upon its laurels and is constantly looking to raise the bar on safety to ensure the maximum protection for those working in these fields and the public."

NEI kicks off its support at the Nuclear Energy Assembly, the annual nuclear industry conference and nuclear supplier expo, in Charlotte. This year's conference will feature the #78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar and the campaign it supports.

"I'm very excited to have NEI on board with the Nuclear Clean Air Energy campaign," said Simona De Silvestro. "It's great to have all of these partners in the nuclear industry joining our program. I'm really happy to be part of the Nuclear Clean Air Energy campaign and to be able to bring education about nuclear to people. I'm proud to have been chosen to represent the industry with my #78 IZOD IndyCar."

John Herron, chief executive officer of Entergy Nuclear, is pleased to have NEI join the campaign. "Our partnership with NEI and the Lotus HVM racing team with driver Simona De Silvestro gives us an opportunity to educate people in this country that nuclear power is critical to provide the safe, clean, affordable and dependable baseload electricity for our country's increasing energy needs," he said. "I'm pleased that NEI is joining us in this exciting Nuclear Clean Air Energy outreach campaign."

De Silvestro will next drive the #78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 27. To watch the 96th running of the Indy 500, the world's most prestigious auto race, tune into ABC beginning at 11 a.m. ET.

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