Indy 500 Construction projects may mean race day traffic headaches

There's a new twist and a few turns in store for race day traffic. State police are steering drivers away from a massive new interstate interchange near Speedway at Crawfordsville Road.

From up above in Chopper 13, the new interchange's sweeping turns and symmetry looks like a marvel of modern motoring. But down on the pavement where it counts, the confluence of two interstates, a state highway and city street is more confusing than marvelous.

Drivers, including Eyewitness Reporter Rich Van Wyk are getting a little turned around. Rich missed the Speedway exit. So did Art Stockton. The Avon man says he was just as confused on his trip through the interchange.

"I missed the turn, too, so don't feel bad," he said.

Drivers say exit signs are confusing. One lists US 136 West, I-74 West, and Crawfordsville Road, with no hint of how to go east, the direction of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

On her first trip, Teresa Reeves said, "I was just hoping that when I got off on the ramp I ended up where I thought I would end up."

Teresa, Art and Rich have been driving through the area for decades. If they struggled, imagine what race fans might be in for.

"It may be difficult. I think it will be real difficult," said another local driver, Burma O'Neal

Adding to the race day difficulty, all of the southbound traffic on I-465 and race-bound I-74 traffic empties on a single lane exit ramp. State police are so concerned about back-ups, they are telling fans to exit early, at 38th Street or Lafayette Road.

Other construction projects are likely to slow traffic as well. Highway 31 and 146th Street in Carmel backs up with normal traffic, while I-70 east of Marion County is a cone zone, where even a minor accident causes major backups.

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