NASCAR Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With The EPA

NASCAR (the biggest polluter in all of racing who went down kicking and screaming to switch to unleaded fuel) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that provides a framework to encourage greater environmental awareness and adoption of green products and solutions with NASCAR fans and the entire industry. The MOU is a voluntary partnership around education and awareness.

The agreement denotes some core areas NASCAR and the EPA will collaborate on moving forward including the following programs: E3: Economy, Energy and Environment; and Design for the Environment (DfE) labeled consumer and commercial products.

The MOU, which can be accessed at, will pave the way for other opportunities and areas of focus for EPA and NASCAR such as sourcing more sustainable concessions at NASCAR events, expanding the use of DfE-labeled chemical products, conserving water, and continuing to grow the promotion and practice of all applicable types of recycling.

Through E3, NASCAR and the EPA will work together to foster the adoption of green approaches, address sustainability challenges, and seize opportunities. A continuously greener sport – and NASCAR's supplier network – will have positive economic and environmental impacts that extend far beyond the race track in the communities that NASCAR and the EPA serve. NASCAR

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