USAC rides for IndyCar Drivers!

A few years ago, EJ Viso mentioned to AutoRacing1 that he'd love to try a USAC sprint or midget. Well, EJ, your ship has come in.

At St Pete this year, Simona mentioned that the USAC sprints and midgets were "gnarly" and perhaps she wouldn't want to try her hand at that kind of racing. Simona, should you reconsider, you can drive a car with 800 HP and absolutely no down force (and no mention of Lotus, either).

Personally, I'd pay good money to see the series Brazilians take on the Aussies in a grudge match in midget cars on a short track. Better yet, Katherine and Ana could see if they could break Sarah Fisher's old track record at Winchester. I'd pay good money to see that.

Should the IndyCar drivers want to try their hand at the original he-man macho American racing series, USAC officials can make that happen. Not saying that we're calling you out or anything, but I'm sure that Bryan Clauson would welcome a chance to play in his sandbox.

In a conversation with, USAC officials told us that "we can make that happen." We'll see…. Tim Wohlford,

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