Jean Alesi says he feels ‘unsafe’ in slug Lotus

Jean Alesi says his slow car is making him feel "unsafe" at Indianapolis 500 practice. It’s yet another blow to engine-manufacturer Lotus, which has been far slower than Honda or Chevrolet all season. In the last month three teams have ditched Lotus, and Dragon Racing filed a $4.6 million lawsuit against the company.

Only two Lotus cars are trying to make the 33-car field and they were the slowest again Wednesday.

Afterward, Alesi said he was "concerned" for other drivers.

Alesi made 201 career starts in Formula One, but couldn’t pass the third phase of his rookie test at Indy until series officials boosted the horsepower in the car Monday. Drivers must sustain speeds over 210 mph to pass the final part of the rookie test.

[Editor's Note: Lotus got what they paid for in choosing Judd over Cosworth. They may as well throw in the towel now as they are only ruining the Lotus name.]

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