Firestone tire spec designed for more grip

IZOD IndyCar Series teams are using a new Firestone Firehawk tire specification at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Almost 5,000 tires are available for the month, with each entry receiving 33 sets for all of practice, qualifying and the race. Pole Day top-nine qualifiers will receive an additional set for the pole shootout in the final 90 minutes of the May 19 session.

“Once again, our unmatched race tire development group has produced what we believe to be an even better tire specification for Indy than the specification run here the past two years that received rave reviews," said Al Speyer, executive director of Firestone Racing. “The 2012 Firehawks for Indy feature updated tread compounds at all four tire positions applied to the same body construction used on last year's tire.

“We expect these new compounds to provide slightly more grip for the left side, but with all four tires retaining the great durability and set-to-set consistency that the Firestone tires of past years have achieved."

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