Lotus Fan Force United & Jean Alesi

Jean Alesi lapping Indy in the new 'Walrus' looking IndyCar. The hideous looking Walrus plows so much air, if you get anywhere near another car–even really far behind–it just pulls you forward like a big, tow. The problem is that last year, you would get close, get a tow, and you had to fight to get by because the hole wasn't as big. It sounds great having a big draft behind these cars, but you lose so much downforce on the front of the car. Way more than before. It's something to be concerned about in the race. Just another 'feature' of the Walrus.

Some random thoughts on the Lotus Fan Force Indy 500 effort:

Tyce Carlson, yet another former IndyCar driver turned IndyCar team owner, which seems to be something of a trend. Possibly more former Indy 500 competitors as current team owners than ever before?

Fan Force United (FFU) is making the jump from Lights to IndyCar with a last minute program. Apart from well known issues, it's been a flawless and very well executed leap, with a well-put-together and experienced team, when many thought it was a recipe for disaster.

FFU full time Indy Lights driver, Armaan Ebrahim, is the first Indian to race a full schedule in a US racing series. Hopefully next year he becomes the first Indian to race the Indy 500.

FFU second Indy lights entry, Emerson Newton-John, the reason that Olivia Newton-John is coming to Indy.

With Alesi, Ebrahim, Newton-John, FFU is running three rookies at Indy. Alesi is out of semi-retirement, and Newton-John hasn't raced anything in 10 years.

Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria is returning as a sponsor of all three drivers after a seven year absence from Indy. Alesi and his proteges join a long line of Byrd's sponsored drivers to have qualified for the Indy 500: Rich Vogler, Stan Fox, Buddy & Jaques Lazier, Gordon Johncock, Scott Brayton, John Andretti, Davy Jones, Arie Luyendyk, and Mike Groff. Jean Alesi joins an interesting collection of drivers in this regard.

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