NASCAR Hall of Fame Now Offering Multi-year Memberships

The NASCAR Hall of Fame now is offering Multi-year Memberships to the interactive, entertainment attraction featuring two- and five-year options starting as low as $90.

The Multi-year Memberships give guests the chance to enjoy the ever-changing scene and experiences at the NASCAR Hall of Fame including new Great Hall and Hall of Honor Inductee exhibits, NASCAR celebrity appearances and annual special events like Spring Break From the Ordinary, Cure for the Common Summer and UnDeck the Hall.
“On many occasions, guests tell me that there is so much to experience during their visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame that they must make multiple visits," said Winston Kelley, executive director of the facility. “Usually, those guests become Members. The Multi-year Membership offers the convenience of only having to renew every two or five years. The Multi-year Member is not going to miss anything happening at the Hall. Since we are still relatively new, it will be a unique experience for them to see the evolution of the Hall over the next few years."
The first Multi-year Membership was purchased by a Rhode Island resident Vincent D’Andrea. Still a new fan to NASCAR, D’Andrea sees the NASCAR Hall of Fame as an educational experience expressing the desire to learn more about NASCAR and racing.
“I chose a five-year Membership because I find it easier," said D’Andrea. “If I can pay long-term renewals, I know I am set for the five years without worrying every year (about renewing), and I find that convenient."
The Multi-year Memberships provide the same benefits as the current annual Membership, but with substantial savings. The five-year Membership features a 20% savings with the purchaser ultimately receiving one free year of Membership. Memberships including free merchandise, discounts, special offers, exclusive access to high-profile, special events, free simulator rides and year-round access to the Hall to experience rotating videos and exhibits.
Multi-year Membership rates are:
Crew Chief (Individual Membership) One year: $50 Two year: $90 Five year: $200
Pit Crew Family (Family Membership) One year: $150 Two year: $270 Five year: $600
Higher-level Memberships also are available.

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