Dreyer & Reinbold Racing and Lotus Part Ways

Today it was announced that Lotus and Dreyer & Reinbold Racing have reached an amicable resolution to end their agreement. The two entities had entered into a contract back in November for Lotus to be the team's engine supplier in the IZOD IndyCar Series.

Lotus remains completely committed to IndyCar and has worked diligently to rise to the challenge. Given the circumstances of the regulatory requirement to supply multiple teams, the late timing of Lotus' entry and the unanticipated difficulties caused by the change of ownership, Lotus has made the decision to reduce the number of cars it runs.

As a result, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing will run the Lotus engine for the final time in Brazil. "Our focus is on the Brazil race and we are still a part of the Lotus team. We are excited to go down there. We wish Lotus all of the best going forward. We are in the midst of finalizing our future plans and we are talking to the Series to conclude that process. We will be making a public statement in the very near future," commented Dennis Reinbold, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Co-Owner.

Feeling the same sentiment as Reinbold is Co-Owner, Robbie Buhl. "We know this will be a tough change mid-season, but we feel it is the best decision for DRR and our partners and we wish Lotus all the best," stated Buhl.

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