Delusional Earnhardt Jr. says ‘I’m the best’ driver at Hendrick Motorsports

Earnhardt Jr. thinks he is the best. Imagine that!

Dale Earnhardt Jr., rated by many as perhaps the worse driver in NASCAR, if not the most overrated driver in NASCAR and rising on his father's coattails, doesn't agree.

Earnhardt feels he’s the best driver among himself, five-time Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon and new Hendrick driver Kasey Kahne.

“(Johnson) is a hell of a racecar driver, but I feel like I’m the best," Earnhardt said Friday before Cup practice at Kansas Speedway. “I think that’s the way you have to feel.

“I feel that I’m smarter than everybody and I can drive better than everybody—and I know a lot of people ain’t going to agree with that, but I feel pretty strong about it."

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