Rain hits Long Beach

UPDATE It's been raining so hard in Long Beach early this afternoon that all racing activities have been halted for right now. The rain was coming down sideways for awhile.

04/13/12 The Friday morning ALMS practice session started just as the rains started to fall in Long Beach, California. The track is soaked and a steady rain is falling. All cars are shod with full wet tires and the cars are aquaplaning in some areas where the water is not draining well.

The forecast is for rain right through the day, but this is southern, California, and the rain could move out earlier. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is sunny.

ALMS practice two hours from 7:15 AM to 9:15AM local time. The first IndyCar practice is slated to start at 10:00 AM. With tomorrow looking to be dry, today's times set in the wet will be meaningless, so do not look for a lot of IndyCar drivers to spend much time on the track today. However, ALMS qualifies today and there is a good chance it will be wet, so the drivers have no choice but to get as many laps in as they can in the rain.

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