Max Q Motorsports looking for deal to keep team running

Larry Gunselman, owner of the Max Q Motorsports #37 Sprint Cup team is seeking new opportunities to keep his #37 team operational. The RWR plans to purchase Max Q and run for Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year fell through when negotiations to purchase a top 35 team after race 5 failed. "Rick Ware and I have been good friends for many years and I wish RWR the best of luck and we may put another program together in the future," stated Gunselman.

"The #37 team is back-up for sale and having made every attempt in 2012 the team would be in the next 2 races in case of a rain out. Our goal is to put a new program together in the next couple of weeks or I will be forced to liquidate company assets." The team is in the process of moving from the RWR shop in Thomasville back to their fully operational shop in Mooresville and has a fleet of seven Sprint Cup racecars, transportation equipment including a truck, transporter and pit equipment, as well as, all of the equipment necessary to run a small and efficient Sprint Cup operation. Max Q PR

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