Two motorcyclists die on track at Charlotte

Two people died after their motorcycles collided at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Saturday. A third person was injured in the accident. Officials said 66-year-old Alan Richard Mockus and 71-year-old Thomas Franklin Hollingsworth were killed in the accident. Deborah Lynn Mockus, 56, is still in the hospital, officials said. Witnesses said the two men were not following the track rules laid out by the organizers of Saturday's Vietnam Veterans celebration. The victims were seen riding at excess of 70 mph.

Their bikes were traveling at the top of track, from opposite directions and collided head on when both drivers attempted to come down to avoid each other. Both drivers were killed and a female passenger on one of the bikes was taken to the hospital with major injuries. The crash happened right after a "Homecoming for Vietnam Veterans" event at the speedway. The bikers apparently joined in on the procession independently and were not affiliated with a veteran's bike group. Larger groups, like Rolling Thunder and the Patriot Guard, said they sent out emails to all members telling them not to ride above the white line on the track and to maintain speeds below 35 mph.

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