Barber was real racing

A reader writes, Dear, I have been an IndyCar fan since the 60s and I can tell you that the hard racing and numerous passes I saw at Barber Motorsports Park this past Sunday was real racing. I saw drivers fighting the wheel and pushing the car to the limits. Watch their hands in the cockpit as they fought to keep their car under control. While there were not many passes for the lead on the track, passing was happening everywhere else. A sport is all about the athlete and the drivers on Sunday who can really drive put on a fantastic show. I'll take a good road race like we saw on Sunday over an oval any day. A driver cannot compensate for an evil handling car on ovals. They are at the mercy of their engineers and how the car is setup. And the 100% throttle, even Danica can do it, stuff is for the birds. And my last thought is that although the new IndyCar is butt ugly, it appears to race well. I can't wait until next year's now body kits, which will hopefully change the sidepods and rid the cars of the bubble bodywork in front of the rear wheels. Dan Peters

Dear Dan, Could not agree more. When Firestone bring s the right tire, like they did at Barber, the new car appears to be very racy and we have criticized the 100% throttle dangerous oval racing for years. Give us more race tracks like we saw Sunday. A good crowd, great racing, and the best drivers at the front. Randy Bernard was asking for more passing zones at Barber. We say leave it just the way it is. Mark C.

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