New IndyCar is strong, takes knocks and keeps on running

Coming from a world of fragile F1 cars that break with even the slightest contact with another car, Rubens Barrichello is finding that the new IndyCar can take its fair share of knocks and keep on ticking.

"I first need to say thank you to the crew and thank you for my first top-10 finish, It's hard to be happy with a top-10, but starting so far back and at some points in the race even further back, I think it was a positive that I was able to work my way back through the field. By the end of the race, I had one of the fastest running cars, so I think it was enjoyable to watch and for me to race. People race hard over here, but they were fair. I had many knocks and bumps, but the cars are so robust in this series that we can luckily get away with it. I enjoyed my day and thank my sponsors, BMC and Embrase and my team once again."

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