Telmex and Sergio Perez

Dear, After watching the F1 race and both GP2 races in Malaysia, I couldn’t but remember how Champ Car had a huge opportunity of creating a relationship with TELMEX and Carlos Slim but instead they made the guy feel cheated, now he and his son (the one that loves racing) are pretty much funding Sauber (almost every sponsor in those cars are part of the Slim Corporation) and they are also funding another Mexican at the GP2 level.

Seeing Sauber’s best result in their history (not counting when the team belonged to BMW), seeing their GP2 driver also finishing in 2nd place (in the Sprint Race that Sunday) made me think about all they could have done for Champ Car, and now Champ Car doesn’t exist, and Indy Car is having many of the problems CC and CART had back then and all that TELMEX money is somewhere else. Jose Arrambide

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